Tryptique Coevo

It was the year 2007 when Andrea and Cesare Cecchi decided to produce a wine that would best represent the Family’s most cherished territories, the Chianti Classico and the Maremma, and thus gave rise to Coevo.

Coevo is always produced in pursuit of the highest quality for each year, maintaining as a constant the varietal that ties Cecchi Family to its territory: Sangiovese. Its taste is a dynamic element that evolves and changes in time, and it is precisely on the theme of time that Coevo’s philosophy is based, which is also reaffirmed on the label through the words of Sant’Agostino, which have been graphically stylised in a shape resembling an hourglass.

Today, ten years later, Cecchi Family will premiere to the Milan press a box set that holds three very important vintages: 2010, 2011, and 2013

Cecchi family opens the doors to young artists

For quite some time, the Cecchi Family’s passion for art has been fuelled by the evocative capacity of wine, of the people and of the land that produce it. The triptych project was conceived with the intent of creating something permanent over time. A symbol of sorts that could be preserved, contemplated and enjoyed. And what could possibly possess a greater sense of immortality than art? This led the company to open its doors to a premium artistic influence. Hence the collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, whose students were asked to use their tools to interpret and tell the story of Coevo’s universe.

The works of young artists

Thus, 45 drawings were realised, which then were reduced to eight after a first selection process, and from which Cecchi Family chose three final artworks and respectively rewarded artists:

Maryam Karamj (Iran)

Teresa Parenti (Italy)

Eugenya Pankratova (Russia) 

The tetrahedron as a pack

The Coevo Triptych took the shape of a tetrahedron made of dark wood, which encloses and holds three memorable vintages, suited not only as a cadeau for wine enthusiasts, but also as an œuvre d’art to be showcased.

Limited edition

The production is limited to 200 pieces, each of which is numbered and personalized with a descriptive note from the artist. Available in selected wine bars and rastaurants from 600 euros.


<<In this image I experiment the combination of different geometric shapes in relation with the colours of the background. The yellow colour represents the emotions triggered by sipping on a good glass of wine. The two circles, instead, represent two eyes: the first, the smaller one, is more detailed and defined, and is synonymous of lucidity; while the larger one, which dilates, losing its definition and degenerating in a monochromatic shape, recalls through its warmth the fullness, the tonality and the colour of wine. The larger rectangle represents the cork from the bottle, whereas the other shapes are simple feelings and emotions, inspirations felt during the composition process that represent my personality.>>


<<The artwork expresses what I believe represents a glass of wine: a moment shared by friends or family, in which the day’s hard work is forgotten and time and hurry lose all importance. Feet lift from the ground as we enter a delicate and peaceful universe, in which it is amazing to share a good laugh, a memory and, obviously, some good wine. For this reason, my artwork does not portray a realistic place, rather an interior space, almost like a fairy tale. The only indication of time is a clock that marks the difference between the worker, who is forced to follow the frantic rhythms of the day, and “the moment of wine,” in which time has no importance.>>


In this proposal I realised an image composed of both natural and artificial elements. I wanted to represent the wind, the earth and the sky, fused with human constructions. The dominating colour is that of wine, but the wind takes on shades of the earth and something like water, clouds or sky, which enter the scene with their own hue. I harmonised these elements, making them penetrate and blending them in the same atmosphere, in order to suggest the common action of man and nature in a continuous creative intent.

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