Luci in Vigna 2018


After two years from the launching of the project “Luci in Vigna”-“Lights in Vineyard” , the first light art installation on the vineyards of the Cecchi family, in the Chianti Classico region, the Company is working on the third edition with a unique proposal to celebrate once again the profound bond between the earth and the families who take care of it. A poem written with the light lying between the earth and the sky against the background of the hills of Villa Cerna. An exclusive show for those who travelled along the Chiantigiana road, which leads from Monteriggioni to Castellina in Chianti.

“The third edition, which will be inaugurated the next 17th of Decembre – Said Andrea Cecchi – this time, will make use of the prestigious collaboration of Epson, who has already worked with us. It will be a partnership where the role of Epson will not only be a technical one, but also a creative one.”

From being a light installation ground, the vineyard will become a big screen where to cast the romantic tale of “Luci in Vigna”. The project, which find its development thanks to the application of innovative techniques that become language themselves, contributing to perform the “Genius Loci” of Villa Cerna and the relationship that bond the Cecchi family to the wine.

“We are very pleased to partner with Cecchi in this wonderful initative – says Massimo Pizzocri, chief executive officer of Epson Italy – Our video projectors allow once again to give life to a show of huge emotional impact, with all the quality, the detail precision and the visual power that Epson projecting technology can offer”.

It has been almost two years since the project “Luci in Vigna”, a success states not only for its originality, but also and especially for its content.

“A sober and elegant installation – said at the time Cesare Cecchi – intentionally not as a Hollywood one, but profoundly emotional because representative, almost as a symbol of the human gratitude towards the nature’s fertility”.

However, it moved also because light is energy, essential to the development and growth, therefore the ripening of the grapes. “It does not necessarily want to be a Christmas idea – told Cesare Cecchi – but a sort of stage of our work, of the commitment to our land.”

For this new edtion the vineyard will become a real natural, open sky screen, where to tell the union between the magic of the nature and the human work.

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