Project "Con Vista" Chianti Classico Cecchi

“Con vista”, a privileged view on the Chianti Classico hills

Imagine a nice dinner among friends and a good bottle of wine on the table and it is done. The idea of showing the world the importance of dressing a wine bottle with an attractive and persuasive label both aesthetically and functionally was born during a joyful commercial moment. All the players of the labelling chain attended that dinner and they were all convinced that the process of tasting of a wine begins by assessing its visual appeal. Therefore, while chatting and laughing, the plan took shaping of documenting how to create a successful label and how much volume it adds to a quality wine.  It is well known by now that the graphic and tactile attractiveness of a label stimulates the consumer to pick the bottle off the shelf and hold it in their hands in order to touch the label texture. According to the Harvard Business Review, this gesture creates a psychological illusion of possession that encourages the consumer to actually buy the product in order to really possess it.

Therefore, since the human brain unknowingly associates the product with its packaging, it is important that a quality wine bottle is labelled with a quality label so that the consumer is not led to believe that with a cheap-looking label can contain a second-rate wine.

That is why this collaboration was born featuring quality as a must. That is why, in addition with Epson with its SurePress, Arconvert with its self-adhesive papers and Mario di Paolo with his creative genius, Luxoro with its dies and foils, and the label producer Perruccio, came on board with the Cecchi family to create the label with the utmost care.

The real protagonist of this project however, remains the Chianti Classico Cecchi. For such a renowned and characteristic wine, Mario di Paolo designed a contemporary and innovative look that strikes the eye. Nonetheless this label touches the heart, because its elegant image tells the story of the Cecchi family who, since ever is the guardian of the sincere and genuine values from which the most unique wines in the world are born and of a warm and welcoming landscape, on which “Con Vista” – Chianti Classico  offers a privileged view.

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