130 years
of Famiglia Cecchi

Since 1893, we have been committed to carrying on our love for wine and the art of winemaking, passing on the same mission from generation to generation.

Since our founding, we have set ourselves the goal of creating quality wines that capture the soul of Tuscany, a land that has allowed us to grow and prosper. We have always focused on the respect for the territory and attention to detail, ensuring that our wines have a unique and unmistakable character.

Strengthened by the great experience acquired during this journey of ours, Famiglia Cecchi is nowadays one of the most prestigious wineries in the Tuscan wine scene, in the midst of its own evolutionary path, including experimentation with Sangiovese clones, zoning, conversion to organic and developments in the agronomic field.

We have treasured the lessons offered by research and progress, always keeping at the forefront our focus on environmental, economic and social sustainability.

“We will continue along this path with commitment and gratitude, passionately dedicating ourselves to preserving and enhancing the winemaking heritage of these lands for generations to come. Thank you for being by our side on this incredible journey."

Andrea Cecchi

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