The company was established in 1893, thanks to the passion and dedication of the Cecchi Family

The combination of entrepreneurship and talent has led the company to become synonymous with winemaking, both in Italy and worldwide. With over a century of experience and love for the countryside, Cecchi Family still faces each day with strong enthusiasm.

Villa Cerna


The Cecchi Family’s first acquisition was Villa Cerna, in the early ‘60s.

In this place, an ancient monastery of the year 1000, besides it’s historical value, Luigi Cecchi recognised its high potential for viticulture. Following the restoration of the Villa, a winemaking and wine-ageing cellar was built at the foot of the hill..

Villa Rosa


The Cecchi Family purchased the property of Villa Rosa from the Lucherini Bandini Family, who carefully tended  the land for almost 70 years.

The Gran Selezione Villa Rosa 2015 perfectly embodies and interprets the characteristics of its exceptional vintage, offering a ripeness, tannic texture and progression granted only by the best years.

Val delle Rose


In 1996, Cecchi purchased the Val delle Rose winery in the small town of Poggio la Mozza, which lies right in the productive heart of the Morellino di Scansano. o.

Here, the Family carried out a small farming revolution, which went not only to improve the agricultural techniques but also the wine-ageing ones.



In the late ‘90s, for the first time in its history, the Company expanded beyond Tuscan borders to take on a new production venture.

The acquisition of the Tenuta Alzatura in the land of the Sagrantino di Montefalco in Umbria, entails a reorganisation of the production, agricultural and oenological strategy, in order to adapt to the new reality.