Foresteria Alzatura

Our new hospitality place in Montefalco

Foresteria Alzatura

Luigi Del Giacco with his wife Christine

In the Sagrantino area, we wanted to extend our hospitality vision by opening a restaurant named after our estate in Umbrian land.

 In Montefalco, inside the historic centre, there is Foresteria Alzatura, a restaurant offering typical local dishes with local wines.

 The travel companions of this new adventure are Luigi Del Giacco and his wife Christine who run the restaurant project since last May.

Luigi brings an important wealth of knowledge in food and wine, resulted from decade's experience and contamination of various culinary cultures.

Three questions to find out more about Luigi.

What was the spark that made you approach the dining world?

I have approached the dining world for passion, matured over the years, wandering as a customer to various Italian restaurants and abroad.

What is the philosophy of the menu you propose?

Starting from high quality raw materials, better if offered from the territory where you work. Reinterpretation, with modern techniques, of regional dishes without overturning them but enhancing the raw material used.

 What suggestion would you give a young entrepreneur who is now approaching the dining world?

 Approach humbly to the dining world, motivated by the passion, aware and ready to face the sacrifices of this profession; aiming at the satisfaction of the guest in all aspects.

Come visit us 

Piazza Mustafà, 2 - Montefalco | tel. +39 0742-455494

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